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Couples Therapy


Couple therapy

John Wright has specialized in couple therapy, in both English and French for more than 30 years. After receiving his PhD from University of Wisconsin, he offered couple therapy and training in 4 different clinics and taught at McGill and University de Montreal. He received the prestigious Noel Mailloux Career award from l’Ordre du Psychologue Quebec and was awarded Professor Emerite from Université de Montréal . He has published 4 books on couples and  more than 113  articles. Couples who have consulted John accord high  ratings (

Briefly, I use an integrated approach adapted to each couple's specific needs. Priorities are an excellent alliance with both spouses and to steer sessions in a constructive direction. Couple needs vary enormously according to their priorities, couple history and previous relationships, life stresses and traumas, personalities, individual histories and or difficulties, type of compatibility, and each spouse's commitment and motivation to change with therapy. Evaluation and therapy sessions are adapted to this complex reality to optimize prognosis and if you wish to, change different aspects of your relationship such as communication, expression of love, sexual proximity, efficient resolution of problems, the art of negotiating a compromise, and techniques of constructive expression of anger. For some couples, the priorities are management of ambivalence and/or navigating a constructive separation.

As of March 2020, I only offer sessions via Zoom. I just completed an evaluation of the efficacy of couples followed in person 2015-19 versus those followed by Zoom (2020-22) and both appear to be equally effective. As summarized in the attached paper, the only significant difference between the two time periods was couples in the first period attended an average of 10 sessions and those of the second 13. I have a standard form (attached) that couples can  complete as to the pros and cons of live versus zoom couple therapy sessions and  discuss during phone exchanges.

Approach to couple therapy

Therapy Session

The first step: a careful assessment

Learn About My Methods

Given couples needs and history vary greatly, leading couple therapy teams in North America  stress that a careful assessment and open discussion in the first 4 sessions are essential to help each spouse to identify individual priorities. Then an attempt is made to reach a consensus on short and long term objectives. and discuss the probability that couple consultation will be a good investment.


After receiving an Email where you describe your ages, professions, family makeup, and source of referral, if I have an opening within 2 months  I complete a 10-15 minute phone screen with each spouse and then  a 1.5 hour couple initial screening/evaluation meeting followed by two one hour individual meetings. During this period each spouse completes confidential questionnaires on a secure  Webb Site managed by my colleague  Dr, Katherine Peloquin at Université de Montreal. The questionnaire protocol, has been in usage and constantly improved since 1985.  At no cost, the protocol saves couple time, increases the quality of the evaluation and ensuing decisions, and is recommended by the CPA et APA (Best Practice Task Force , Canadian and American Psychological Associations). The last phase of the assessment is a 1.5 hour couple feedback/ decision session.

Waiting list: the duration of time before I can start sessions varies a great deal. As of August 2022 the wait is approximately **.I discuss my fees during the first Email exchanges.


Academic training:

Dr. Wright obtained his BA psychology from McGill U and MA and PhD in Clinical Psychology from the University of Wisconsin, Madison     


Clinical experience: 

He has offered couple therapy by Zoom from 2020 present. From 1985 to 2020 he was a member of the team of Clinique de Consultation Conjugale et Familiale Poitras-Wright Côté Longueuil. ( He offered couple therapy and supervision at the Psychology Clinic of Université de Montréal from 1978 to 2011. He was co-director of the Behavior Therapy Unit, Allan Memorial Institute, 1974-1978, and Associate Director of the Behavior Therapy Unit Douglas, Hospital 1972-1974.

Academic experience:

Dr. Wright was a member of the Clinical Psychology program Universié de  Montreal  ,Cofounder  and Chercheur-directeur scientifique of  Centre de recherche sur problèmes conjugaux et les agressions sexuelles ( and full professor. He continues to be an honorary member of the psychology department and participates in research and publications on couple therapy. He was as member of the Psychology and Psychiatry departments at McGill University from 1972-1978 attaining rank of Associate Professor. The full list of publications is found at



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