Dr John Wright Ph.D.




Dr John Wright Ph.D.  

​​Psychologist Specialised in couple therapy  Psychologue spécialisé en thérapie de couple

I am a psychologist who has had a passion for couple therapy for more than thirty years.

I treat couples of all ages and varied needs: marriage preparation, fertility, parenting, communication, expression of affection, sexual functioning, constructive conflict and anger management, stepfamilies, infidelity and resolving ambivalence.

I use an integrated approach adapted to each couple's specific needs. Priorities are an excellent alliance with both spouses and to steer sessions in a constructive direction. I begin with an evaluation, carefully monitor progress and satisfaction with sessions and thus can give an estimate of prognosis. I usually work within a short-term format of 10 bimonthly sessions or less.

Couple needs vary enormously according to their priorities, couple history and previous relationships, life stresses and traumas, personalities, individual histories and or difficulties, type of compatibility, each spouse's commitment and motivation to change with therapy. Evaluation and therapy sessions are adapted to this complex reality to optimize prognosis. All this to better unederstand and, if you wish to, change different aspects of your relation: communication, expression of love, sexual proximity, efficient résolution of problems, the art of negociating compromise, techniques of loyal disputes, fair division of work and such.